Friday, September 25, 2009

Just a coincidence?

Does USDA Wildlife Services mean anything to you? Nothing? That’s what it meant to us until further research revealed a curious connection between this agency and the employment history of the duck hunters that turned Eld Inlet upside down last January. Alas, duck hunters, from where did thouest come? Depredation take or just for fun? Either way, the “Elders” have become disturbed and their wise old eyes are seeing red. It’s simply inconceivable to imagine our neighborhood a legal shooting zone…..and for what reason?

If you support a no shooting zone over all of Eld Inlet and Inland, please notify our County Commissioners or sign the online petition.

Our wintering Surf Scoter guest.
Sea Doc Society

Our winter visitor.
The Olympian Article May 10, 2009

"It doesn't get any closer to home than this"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever ask yourself why ??

Blasted out of a peaceful sleep by duck hunters last January…perhaps better described as being blasted out of a state of ignorance……

Once upon a time before the hunters came to our neighborhood, it was falsely believed for years, that we lived in a peaceful, pristine paradise. Awakened by relentless gun fire, we were shocked to learn that the migratory sea birds were being decimated. We were stunned to discover this massacre took legal precedence over our safety. Propelled into an uncomfortable investigation, we soon learned that other sea creatures were being systematically destroyed. The quiet inlet residents started asking themselves many questions…
  • Why is our beautiful Eld Inlet under attack, from above and below the water?
  • Why do so many of our Puget Sound beaches no longer have sea life… tiny crabs and other curious creatures scurrying here and there?
  • Why are the wintering diving ducks being “legally” killed in record numbers when our tax dollars have paid for research revealing these sea scoters are already 50% in decline over the last 25 years in our county?
  • Why have our refreshing bay breezes become the “smell of death”?
  • Why was a deep trench dug in an Eld Inlet estuary to direct the fresh water to the salt water bay in a single channel?
  • Why are bags of Carbaryl laying in the back of a pickup truck parked next to Eld Inlet, at lowest tide of the year?
Now that we have been blatantly introduced to these unexpected and undesirable issues, we need to ask ourselves another question, "Can we continue living with our eyes closed to what is happening right under our noses?"

We need to come together to become guardians of our tidelands, shorelines and inlands, in other words, our home. Otherwise, there will be others who will gladly take over for us, and we may not appreciate the outcome.

Please join us here. There is no idea, comment or concern too large or small if we work together as a fortress around Eld Inlet….watching, documenting, photographing and reporting what needs to be revealed to us all and to our elected officials, for the welfare of all.

This website belongs to all of us “Eld-ers”, uniting for no other reason than pure, raw desire to take control of and protect our beautiful homeland and “homewater”.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Did you know .....

...there are approximately 900 waterfront lots bordering Eld Inlet? 600 lots from the tip of Steamboat Island Road to the southern most mud flats; 300 from the tip of Cooper Point peninsula to the southern mud flats. All are backed up by hundreds of water view and beautiful forest view lots.

Many lots=Many people!

Many have come together to request a "no shooting or controlled shooting zone". The paper and online petition have been signed by well over 150 citizens to date. Those living on the western/southwestern shores are simply requesting the same protection enjoyed by our "eastside" neighbors;and for this protection to extend over ALL of the water of Eld Inlet.

It is up to us to protect our families, homes, neighborhoods, and our migratory waterfowl that come to rest here in the winter. It is time to "draw a line" in the sand and stand up for safety, quality of life and environment.

Note: if you would like to view a larger map just email us your request:

"And it doesn't get any closer to home than this"