Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have learned. . .

. . . to come together with good intentions and

   Vote !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Safety In Large Numbers?

Not so much if living on the land and bay that time forgot.

Map illustrates the No-Shooting/Controlled Shooting zones currently in place around Eld Inlet. The stats indicate the year and zone population when the existing ordinances were adopted.  The map also illustrates that the bay and Steamboat Island Peninsula(white and blue zones) are lacking the safety ordinances enjoyed by our Cooper Point neighbors.

The documented (estimated) population of our Steamboat Island Peninsula more than supports the urgent need for a no shooting/controlled shooting ordinance. If  you believe it is time for the ordinances to catch up to the population growth please contact your County Commissioners and let them know you are in favor of a no shooting or controlled shooting zone.

Cooper Point Peninsula:
PINK        1964      P+G=     #3227 no shooting
GREEN       1965      1400     #3269 controlled 
ORANGE      1987      1450     #8886 controlled 
TAN         1988       180     #8690 controlled

Steamboat Island Peninsula:

WHITE       pending   *3850    pending
*population divided between:
 2180 - Eld Inlet drainage side
 1670 - Totten Inlet drainage side
BLUE        pending(swim.sail.kayak.fish at own risk)

(Stats courtesy of the Thurston Regional Planning Council, 2009)

Monday, October 12, 2009

E L D = I B A

Say what??? Let's just say....Bring camera, not gun!!

We all know how special Eld Inlet and Mud Bay are, but did you know.......

The National Audubon Society has identified

Per the National Audubon Society literature, to qualify as an IBA, a site must satisfy certain special criteria and  prove ESSENTIAL HABITAT for one or more species of bird. IBA's include sites for breeding, wintering, and/or migrating birds. They are discrete sites that stand out from the surrounding landscape.

Massacring migratory waterfowl in an IBA? Shooting  in an established neighborhood? Beaches littered with empty shell casings(that one duck hunter stated he was not interested in collecting)?

There's something wrong with this picture...

...and many of us are working very hard to correct it. We hope we are convincing our County Commissioners of the great need to protect us and our environment with a "no shooting/controlled shooting " ordinance over all of Eld Inlet and Inland.

If you would like to help in this effort to stop the shooting, please sign the online petition or email us to request a paper petition.


"It doesn't get any closer to home than this"

Monday, October 5, 2009

So this is why it sounded like a war zone!

IT'S ALL IN THE  dB! The shots were being fired from a floating duck blind 1/4 mile away in front of an Eld Inlet home, yet the sound resembled a jack hammer being operated just outside our window. Most will agree by experience that sound is amplified over water. But this disruption was extreme....And here's why. . .

The amplitude of a sound source is measured in Decibels or dB

And according to the Shooter's Bible:

Frequencies The Human Ear Hears:

                 HEALTHY EARS   =    1 dB
                LEAF RUSTLING   =  10 dB
                         WHISPER   =  30 dB
                NORMAL VOICE
               CONVERSATION   =  60 dB or so
                   DISCOMFORT   = 120 dB or so
            DAMAGE OCCURS   = 140 dB

Moving on to the dB of firearms:

                  .22 rimfire rifle  = 134-144 dB
                .22 rimfire pistol  = 150-152 dB
              12-guage shotgun  = 154-156 dB

But most interesting is
the comparison of: 

= 160-172.5 dB 


A JET PLANE = 160 dB

So, with this dB knowledge,  instead of  describing the gunfire blasts as that of a jack hammer being operated right outside our windows, we can now liken it to jet planes taking off in the back yard.

Please notify our County Commissioners with your thoughts on a "no shooting" zone, sign the online petition or email us for a paper petition to be sent to you.

"It doesn't get any closer to home than this"