Saturday, February 27, 2010


And to think our lives have come to this....having to protest, but as the saying goes....
"Government doesn't change things, people do" 
Hunters claim that killing wildfowl within our neighborhoods is a right and tradition. Families living within neighborhoods being fired upon, feel victimized and see it differently. To protest hunting effectively, it is necessary to understand the hunters' views as well as our own.

  • Understand your motives. If you believe it is wrong, state solid reasons why you believe it is wrong. Safety? Litter? Population? Give examples of "close calls", windows shot out, pellets raining down on your home, accidents, confrontations and threats.
  • Photos and videos speak volumes to document the facts and the fear
  • Inform yourself. Research the arguments that hunters use.
  • Acknowledge why hunters hunt and their perceived benefits before stating your own case.
  • Share your view with your neighbors, organize, write letters to your elected officials and newspaper.
  • Call 911 when your safety has been compromised. If we don't report, there is no record.
  • If an area is baited, post a sign or wave your sign that states "Baited Area"-document with a photo
  • Keep anger in check. One of the main charges against people opposed to hunting in their neighborhoods is that they are too emotional. Getting visibly upset will only confirm this assumption. Share your views calmly. (I'm still working on getting this down)
  • Research the laws in our state and be prepared.

*Comments following this article illustrate hunters' arguments:
Denver Residents Protest                                                                                                                                
*These You Tube videos reveal the dangers of hunting:
*Hunters' opinions about shooting up Eld Inlet:
*Read Migratory Waterfowl section(scroll down to the Summary of Federal Regulations):
Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife  and                                                                          
United States Wildlife Hunting and Baiting                                                                                      

*Discussion of distances: 
One hunter's explanation of where does shot go?
 "...the safety "fall-out" zone of 300+ yards being the "norm". The effective pattern will have long gone at that distance, and will be merely, a falling shower, albeit still dangerous!  

We cannot tire in our mission to safeguard our homes and families. This is the most important job we have as parents, and as guardians of our neighborhood. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Kill Off Duck Hunting

Couldn't have said it better than this:
Homeowners on Eld Inlet and Henderson Inlet can relate to this article. Many, like me and my family, had no opinion what-so-ever about duck hunting before the shots in the dark rang out. But we do have huge opinions about courtesy, safety, quality of life and litter. 
Rights vs what is Right.....abuse them, you loose them

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Island County Commissioners Ban Duck Hunting

So what does Island County have that Thurston County doesn't have? Read on and decide for yourself:

Our story is the same, and we fail to understand why we have had to wait for over a year for a decision. What more is needed from the families living in the Eld Inlet and Henderson Inlet areas? Is the research and testimony of the past year not enough? We have worked diligently to:  
  • gather 173 signatures(and counting) in favor of a no/controlled shooting  zone
  • present the population growth facts supporting the urgent need for a zone change
  • present shocking testimony of stunned neighbors
  • participate in a community meeting many months ago
  • bring attention to the unlawful shooting in baited shellfish growing areas
  • prove hunting grounds in recreational areas are not compatible
  • provide disgusting evidence of litter and dead waterfowl left behind by hunters                                                               
Please notify your Thurston County Commissioners and encourage them to do the right thing and rule on the side of safety, quality of life and sound environment. When safety is restored we can once again allow our families to enjoy the outdoors(which is why we moved here in the first place). 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Thurston County Shoreline Master Program draft needs YOUR comments

Thanks to Mark Messinger of the Griffin Neighborhood Association blog we have been notified of an urgent matter needing our attention and input! Thurston County has released a very lengthy draft of their Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report. Unfortunately, those of us in the Griffin Neighborhood Association didn't get any notification of this. 
 Please Read:

And once doesn't get any closer to home than this