Sunday, November 29, 2009

The beautiful sunrise over Eld Inlet belies the truth

 And the truth is:

The people and wildlife living here are not safe. 
And the people living here have a simple request: protect us by law from shooting in our neighborhood.

It's the truth, it's that simple

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pay to the order of Thurston County Treasurer___$5,500,000.00

5.5 million dollars is the estimated/average/combined annual taxes of just the Eld Inlet waterfront residence. Taxes paid on the adjacent water view and forest view parcels are over and above this amount.

Our request to the County Commissioners: Please apply a small portion of our tax dollars to cover the costs to re-zone all of Eld Inlet and Steamboat Island Peninsula with a controlled or no shooting zone. Like we tell our children..."In all matters, safety first". And who can disagree with the belief that home should be the one safe place to where our children can always retreat.

The first hand chilling statement of our neighbor supports the urgent need for a controlled/no shooting zone:

"There is nothing more frightening then awakening to the sound of gun shots in your own front yard at dawn. Then to raise your shades and actually see the gun fire is not something you expect to see in a poplulated area from your own bedroom. I called the police to complain and told my daughter to get out of bed and move to the other side of the house. This should stop. I am not anti-gun; I own some myself. I wouldn't dream of shooting in someone elses neighborhood."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is how it should and can look...

with respect for our neighbors, environment and wildlife.

An Eld Inlet resident sent in this picture of peace and harmony and a healthy ecosystem at work.

This is our neighbor's refreshing message:
"We are happy to see the Golden Eyes return to feed on the mussel and barnacle laden sticks that anchor our oyster bags(plus the closest in which is used as a Kingfisher perch). Since the hunters have decided not to open fire(yet)this year, the other wintering birds should hopefully return and actually survive the winter. They are always fun to see. We are also getting some Cacklers showing up with other geese once in a while. Cacklers are cute little geese as they look like someone left a Canada Goose in the dryer too long and shrunk them. They're quite easily spooked so we only get short glimpses of them. And the most exciting are the bald eagles and osprey that seem to be multiplying daily. Anyway, we are extrememly excited to see so much activity. This is how it should be. And this is how it used to be before hunters and aquaculture over-do took over."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Salish Sea are WE!!

a Bay,
an Inlet,
the Sound,
a Sea-
So many names
to call home
for you and me!

For the salmon,
and ducks
their watery home
is all the same-
they could care less
about a name.

But if we listened we'd hear them say
"Save us from your garbage, poison, guns and nets,
please clean up your mess and just let us play".

On October 30th, The Washington State Board on Geographic Names approved "Salish Sea" as the official name for the body of water encompassing the Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia and the many watery connections in between. You will now see the name on all maps and publications. The name acknowledges the ecological continuum that spans the international boundry between Canada and the United States. The new name does not change or eliminate the old names.

Eld Inlet is Eld Inlet is Eld Inlet FOREVER!